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Sunday, 30 September 2012

How To Find Anyone's Facebook Profile ID

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Hello everyone today I am gonna share you a Facebook trick.As you know Facebook Usernames have replaced the good old user ID’s as they were long and hard to remember.But there are lot of applications and tips like Magic Number  and blue coloured Facebook status tips which requires your Facebook ID.You can find the User ID of any page,Group or profile by using Facebook graphs.

How To Find the Profile ID In Facebook:

Finding the Profile ID of those users who haven’t changed their User ID number with the username.

1.First Login to your Facebook Account and Then open Profile page of the user.

2.Now just look at the URL in the address bar it will be something like this

3.Here 204756982990087 is profile ID.

For those who have Changed their User ID numbers with username, finding the Profile ID can be little bit tricky.

1.First you Login to your Facebook Account
2.Copy/paste the following URL in the address bar.

Now after the slash (/) add your username and hit Enter
It will look like this:

Now in the screen look for the “id” this will be your Facebook Profile ID.

Now you are done.By this tips you can find Profile ID for your profile as well as for Pages.

Note:Don't use this trick for getting anyone's ID to HACK.I will not responsible for this if anything goes wrong.This trick is for EDUCATIONAL purpose.

Good Luck

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